40 Days of Machine Embroidered Appliqué Blessings – Day 15

Welcome to Day 15 of 40 Days of Machine Embroidered Appliqué Blessings!

Step #3 – Prepare & cut your appliqué shapes

Using an electronic cutting machine

Electronic cutting machines have revolutionized the cutting of appliqué shapes.

Electronic cutting machines, such as the Silhouette Cameo and the Brother Scan N Cut, use SVG files (provided with most, soon to be all, design collections from Sarah Vedeler Designs and Meaning of Life Designs by Sarah Vedeler) and allow you to cut your appliqué shapes very precisely – and reasonably fast too. As a designer, I love the flexibility of being able to provide electronic cutting files. I can design something today and you can be cutting it out tomorrow (OK, maybe in an ideal world!). No manufacturing lead times. Best of all, no limits to the complexity of the design.

Electronic cutting machines were originally introduced into the crafting world to cut paper, but they do an excellent job of cutting fabric too. To learn how to use SVG files with a Silhouette Cameo click here. To learn how to use SVG files with a Brother Scan N Cut click here. The Silhouette Cameo has an easy way to do fussy cutting which can be used to create all sorts of secondary designs in your appliqué. Click here to learn how. For some best practice tips on how to prepare your appliqué fabric for cutting with an electronic cutting machine, click here.

Which electronic cutting machine do you have in your sewing room – and what do you love about it?

Please leave a comment below and let me know if you’ve got any questions.

Click here to download a printable version of today’s tip for success

Today’s Blessing


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  1. I don’t have one but I really, really want a scan n cut!

  2. Oh, I wished I’d known about the coming svg files. I would have indulged in the Heather feather promotion! I have two cutters – the Zing and the Janome Artistic.

  3. I haven’t purchased a cutting machine, but it seems like everyone loves the scan and cut.

  4. I have Janome Artistic Edge cutter with wifi. Love it as it will cut fabric, paper, do stencils and works with svg files. It also is 15″ wide and comes with software that allows you to load any design and then choose how you want it to cut. They have many optional accessories which are very handy.

  5. I have a scan n cut and one of the features I really like is that I can scan in my shapes and then preview the fabric pieces and cut a lot of different shapes and colours at the same time. As far as I know it is the only one with the scanning feature.

  6. Something to put on my Christmas list!

  7. I have a scan n cut I need time to play with.

  8. great tutorial links. hoping i win a cutting machine so I can join the fun!

  9. If I was to buy one today, I probably would buy the Scan N Cut. We used it at a seminar in Atlanta earlier this year and it was easy to use.

  10. I have an artistic edge by janome. Works great.

  11. Sarah for those of us that already own all of your designs will the svg files be a download on your site? Will they be free or I’d it something I will have to purchase?

    Thanks, and I absolutely love this series!


    • If you’ve already purchased a design collection that now has SVG files available, I’m happy to send them to you. Drop me an email!

  12. I have been researching cutting machines and I am very”optimistic” that your information will be a good help when making a decision. Thank you

  13. I have a scan n cut, my friend has the electronic accuquilt, now I want one. 🙂

  14. I have an Artistic Edge by Janome. It embosses as well as cuts!

  15. Does the Garden Party Collection include directions for making the tote bag with all of the outside utensil pockets shown in the picture? Thanks.

  16. I’m going to try my scan & cut with your tutorial. Thank you

  17. Sarah, I have a Cricut cutting machine. Is there any information on using those with .svg files? It is the model that takes both cartridges and can import files. I see so much info on the Silhouette or Brother Scan N Cut for cutting fabric but never the Cricut.

  18. Love these designs! So happy, happy, happy!

    I am going to try to cut fabric with my Brother Scan’n’cut. I have not tried this yet and believe the articles will be just what I need!

    Thank you.

  19. I have Artrtic cutter by Janine can I use this Machine.

  20. Are Bernina CutWork files still included with your designs?

  21. Which electronic cutting machine do you use ?

  22. I have the Cricut. Got it last year…..still have not used it for applique, which is the prime reason I bought it! I think I am hesitating because of the unknown….gotta get my big girl panties on and give it a go!

    • I use the Cricut for cutting applique fabrics. One issue with the cricut is that some SVG files do not come into the Cricut software at the proper size. You may need to resize the files to get the actual size you need for applique. Commercially available SVG files may not be an issue. I have had to resize files created in Florianni FTCU software do need to be resized. But that is not a big deal since the Florianni software shows you the correct size. Cricut software allows you to resize, so you just need to write down the size you need to enlarge or reduce the file to.

  23. Attempting to order Garden Party Digital Download and can not sign up as new customer..

  24. I have the Cricut Maker. I haven’t used it to cut appliqués yet but it cuts out doll clothes wonderfully. I purchased the hHeather Feather design a few days ago, so that will be my first applique experience

  25. I use Bernina CutWork Software to cut appliqué patterns.

  26. I have the Brother Scan N Cut. I like it because I do not need to buy different dies. I can make any shape that I want for intricate appliques.

  27. Thank you for explaining the two systems. I have a AccuQuilt studio but have been considering adding a new cutting system to my studio. This information was very helpful. Thank you.

  28. Looks like a lot of fun – especially the weed-free part!!
    Does this collection include SVG files for cutting on an electronic cutting machine as today’s blessing talks about?

  29. I don’t currently own one but have been researching them. I can’t decide between the brother and the cameo. Does anyone have any advice?

  30. I have a scan n cut and love it.. I,ve only scratched the
    surface of what it can do. Wish I had more time in my life.

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