Connecting to your Brother ScanNCut

So you’ve got your Brother ScanNCut unpacked. If you have a model that connects to your computer via a USB cable, then you should be good to go. But – if you have a wireless model like the one I have, there are a few more steps to go through to be able to send a design to the machine to be cut.

You’ll need your ScanNCut machine and a computer that is hooked up to the Internet. Us the ScanNCut stylus to select options on the ScanNCut screen.

Turn on your ScanNCut:


Press the Tools button (left hand side, bottom button):


Use the arrows on the right hand side of the screen to scroll down to page 6:


Touch the button by Network:


Set WLAN Enable = ON:


Touch the button by Setup Wizard. The machine will spend some time searching for the SSID before coming to a screen with a list of SSID access points:


Select your network then touch OK:


Enter the password for your network and then touch OK:


Touch Yes to apply settings:


You’re now connected to your wireless network. There are a few more things to be done. Touch Next:


If this is the first time you’ve gone through this process you now need to activate the machine. Touch Next:


You’ll need your computer (Mac or PC) and the activation card that came with your ScanNCut:


Make sure you have your activation code handy and touch Next:


Enter the activation code that is on the blue card, then touch OK:


When you get Activation Completed, touch Next:


In the blue bar at the bottom of the screen you’ll find your machine number, No. followed by a series of digits:


On your computer go to This used to be If you’re working on a PC, you’ll be given an option to download the CanvasWorkspace application. You can go ahead and do the download or click the X to remove this popup screen:


If you don’t have a CanvasWorkspace account, go ahead and create one. Then Login. Click on the head and shoulders icon by your user name in the top right corner of the window:


Scroll down to ScanNCut Online and click the Get PIN Code button:


Refer back to your ScanNCut screen and note the number of the machine (in the blue bar at the bottom of the screen). Enter this number in the space on your computer screen and click Next:


You’ll now see a screen showing your PIN Code:


Touch OK on your ScanNCut screen and then enter the PIN code, then touch OK:


Touch OK again:


You’ll now see a screen showing your CanvasWorkspace Login ID (called a ScanNCutCanvas Login ID). Touch OK:


Your ScanNCut is now connected to your wireless network, and it has also been associated with your CanvasWorkspace Login ID. You can now login to any computer with this Login ID and send cutting files to your Brother ScanNCut!


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