Quilted-in-the-hoop Feathers using the Rejoice! Quilting Collection

Have you tried quilting in the hoop?

Every now and then it’s fun to make a simple pieced quilt, maybe for a new baby, or to have something to throw on the ground for a picnic, or maybe you’ve found some gorgeous prints that you don’t want to cut up too much so you decide to go with big squares.

The question then becomes – how are you going to quilt it?

Have you considered quilting these pieced quilts in the hoop using your embroidery machine? The new Rejoice! Quilting Collection makes it super simple – and pretty fast too.

I love quilted feathers, so when I was thinking about how to quilt the Rejoice! quilt, I knew it had to have a feather design on it somewhere, somehow. Borders are always a great place to showcase quilted feathers. The outside border on the Rejoice! quilt is 4″ wide, so that became the width of my feather design. 4″ x 2 = 8″, so that became the repeat length.

For the Rejoice! quilt, I wanted a continuous line feather that could be repeated as many times as necessary – or desired! In the Rejoice! Quilting Collection, this was achieved by starting out with a “feather end” and then repeating a “feather continuation“.

Feather Units in Rejoice Quilting Collection

So now you can stitch a 4″ wide feather design any multiple of 8″ in length. You can also stitch out a 3″ wide feather any multiple of 6″ in length, and a 6″ wide feather any multiple of 12″ in length (if you have a hoop to accommodate the design!). Because the designs are a simple straight stitch, you can resize them safely to be the exact size you need (start with the feather closest in size and go from there).

Feathers don’t have to stay in borders. This continuous line feather makes a great panto type quilting design that can be used in rows on any quilt. Combine it with the wave design as shown on the Rejoice! quilt below and vary the spacing for different effects.

Rejoice Quilted-in-the-hoop Feather

How many quilts do you have sitting waiting to be quilted? How about quilting them in the hoop using the Rejoice! Quilting Collection? Leave me a comment below with your ideas on how you might use these quilted in the hoop feather designs on your quilts. Then Click here to purchase your copy of the Rejoice! Quilting Collection today!


  1. I love this so much!

  2. Sarah, How many different designs are in the Rejoice Quilt Collection — just the Feathers? Or does it include other designs seen in the quilt closeups, such as the “Wave”, the “Sun w/ double Figure-8 in the center”, small “Circles”, the Lozenge” (framing the words)? I understand you gave included different sizes & say they can be resized, to our own needs, but f you could show us a diagram of all designs used in the set, it would help.

    • Hi Karen,
      Everything you see (quilted) on the Rejoice! quilt is included in the Rejoice! Quilting Collection – and some added bonuses. Click through to the Rejoice! Quilting Collection page from the link above and then scroll through the images to see closeups of each quilting design.

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