The “original” color scheme for the Rejoice! quilt

My friend Jean has been working on the “original” version of the Rejoice! quilt. The embroidered applique is complete and the quilt top has been pieced together. On Tuesday I went to Jean’s house and we had planned to make a good start on getting the quilting underway using her Handi Quilter and ProStitcher.

Today I had hoped to share some photos – and maybe even some video clips – of using the Rejoice! Quilting Collection designs with the long arm quilting machine to quilt the original version of the Rejoice! quilt.

Sometimes plans don’t go, well, according to plan. That was the case on Tuesday.

You know it’s always a good idea to do a test run when you’re embarking on a quilting project, to make sure that the tension is good. So that’s what we started out doing. What we discovered – we were getting a bunch of skipped stitches. Not good. The Handi Quilter machines come with a really good user manual, so we spent quite a while referring to it to figure out the problem. New needle? Didn’t work. Rethreading top and bobbin? Didn’t work. Making sure everything was clean? Didn’t work. Different kind of thread? Didn’t work. Nothing we did got rid of the skipped stitches. After hours (literally!) of trying to figure this out, we gave up. Jean’s going to take the machine in to be serviced – and we’ll try again after that.

The good thing about Tuesday is that I did get to take some photos of the quilt – and those I can share with you today.

Rejoice Quilt in Blue

We had both gone to our stashes to select the fabrics for this quilt. The background is a a beautiful piece of navy blue fabric that Jean had. The letters are all the same color, a light, citrusy green solid. The squares (we decided to go simple on this version of the quilt, with solid squares) are scraps left over from my version of Sedona Star, the quilt I made for the 2012 Block of the Month quilt for The Quilt Show.

Rejoice Quilt in blue closeup1

I love the way the detail in the stitching shows up on the solid colored applique fabric. The “O” above is from the word LORD.  The “ej” below is from the word “Rejoice”.

Rejoice Quilt in blue closeup2The pink thread adds a “pop” to the letters.

Here’s a reminder of the finished Rejoice! quilt.

Rejoice Closeup

Which color scheme do you like best? Leave me a comment below and let me know. If you’re already making your own version of the Rejoice! quilt, what colors are you using? If you haven’t gotten started yet, which colors would you use? I’d love to hear your thoughts!



  1. Love both, the blue background is my favourite letters really pop, would love to make it one day

  2. Rebekah McConnel

    I have to admit the Navy colorway definitely pops! Still, I prefer the tan background version. It is cute and peaceful feeling. I want to get this Rejoice Collection, but it isn’t in my budget at the moment. Hope to keep this on my list for future purchase. I just acquired your Silk Hearts Collection. So I am way behind the times.😉

  3. I love both. But my favorite color is blue

  4. Sorry, I think I called the light citrusy green red in my first comment. My mistake.

  5. I love both color schemes. I don’t know what colors I would use. I like the blocks and the different colors used in the wording on the original quilt. However, on the navy background the use only one color in the wording makes it really stand out. Congratulations to bot of you for two beautiful quilts.

  6. Both are lovely but I’m drawn to the dark blue background. Brights are my favorite and that background shows them very well. Love the designs. Can’t wait to see how the long arm version turns out.

  7. I love both colorways. It is a hard decision but I think I like the blue one more.

  8. I love both, but I am not a “beige” person, so I would have used a pastel color for the background and not beige. Love your designs.

  9. Hi Sarah,
    I love the Blue One and whose fabric did you use please and how much do you need of each color. Blue one is Beautiful, you are amazing. Thank you Cathy

  10. Love the colors. Very striking.

  11. I love the dark blue background, but I’m such a non-risk taker that if I were making it, I’d probably use the light background. The blue background really makes the scripture pop though.

  12. I like it. The colours are stunning and ideal for a young man. Congratulations to both of you.

  13. Sherry Sgouromitis

    I prefer the dark background, the letters really pop!

  14. definitely the lighter one!

  15. Hi Sarah. I am getting ready to start my quilt. I love the original colors because it’s HAPPY! I’ll be anxious to see your quilting videos—-always looking for better ideas for finishing my quilts. Thank you for your beautiful designs.

  16. I personally like the navy color way. The original is stunning but somewhat impractical if the quilt is to be loved and used daily. This quilt is a celebration and I can see the owner wrapping themselves in the love it shares. The navy version appears more warm and inviting and generally an excellent choice for a boy.

  17. I like the dark background although if I were to make the quilt I’d have a hard time deciding the background color.

  18. Both look great. I do like the black for the purpose of giving it to a boy, but the lighter background is the color I would make for anyone else.

  19. I like the dark navy color way. Makes all the colors so rich!

  20. I love bright color on dark so my choice would be the one your friend is working on. I like them both, but my favorite has the navy background.

  21. I like the “test” version of the quilt. The darker background and solid letters makes the wording stand out better – to my eye.

    I love the fabrics from your stashes!

  22. The second color way is more inspiring and uplifting! It is light and beautiful as is the Bible verse.

  23. Love the lighter version for this particular quilt

  24. Navy because of the color contrasts highlighting the stitches

  25. Absolutely beautiful. Shame sizing on your sale page is so large. 200 x 200.

  26. Brenda Devenport

    I love the colors of the first one.

  27. I love the one with the white background!!! It sings to my heart!

  28. I love the dark version. The colors really pop.

  29. I like the light colored one. I like the different colored words and also the open blocks around the edge.

  30. I like the cream background with the bright green, yellow, aqua and pink the best.

  31. Cecile Babich Morrow

    The dark background is much more engaging and energizing.

  32. I like the black background because I love the bright colors. It makes them pop.

  33. WOW 😮 What a difference ❤️

  34. I like the blue back ground best.

  35. Jan Dunlap Pittman

    The dark blue is interesting, but I like the softer look

  36. Hi, I like both combinations but the colours to me are more adult taste than a little boy, having said I personally love the second one, regards, Mary in au

  37. I like the one with the light background.

  38. Love the navy background! Haven’t purchased the design yet. Still debating on the quilting add on. Love this design!

  39. Hi there. The black background is definitely dramatic and beautiful, but somehow a rejoice message for me would have a lighter, brighter background. I’m not a fan of beige but I do like the uplifting color versus the darker background. Does this make any sense? Thanks for asking us for feedback and thank you so much for all you do to provide inspiration and joy!

  40. I love the color contrast on the newer version with the dark blue background and bright lettering. The older version that is quilted is nice but it is very quiet and subdued comparatively.

  41. I love the navy background option. Many blessings to you, Sarah. Keep up your beautiful creations. Avis

  42. I like the black background best — it makes the bright colors “sing”!

  43. Prefer the new darker one.

  44. Love the navy background!

  45. Absolutely gorgeous in both color ways, but I really like the dark background with the bold solids! I would like to make one on dark purple with bold solids.

  46. I really love the one with the navy background. They are both beautiful. I think I’ll make the one with the navy background.

  47. I like both of them! The navy blue background wins by a thread lol.

  48. I prefer the lighter version, I haven’t started yet but my main fabric will be a pale yellow and spring colors for the the lettering and blocks. Can’t wait to see how it comes out, I love the quilting you have done for it, thank you for sharing your talent and inspiration with all of us.
    Monica Sinclair

  49. Either quilt is fantastic, but my preference would be the navy background colorway. It just pops! Can’t wait to see it quilted.

  50. I much prefer the blue background. It shows off the other material far better. The white one doesn’t have as much impact.

  51. I Ike the cream quilt with the bright colors

  52. Love the blue background and colorful lettering.

  53. I prefer the lighter color scheme, however, since this quilt is for a guy, the navy is perfect!! I will be anxious to see the finished project, completely quilted!

  54. I like the blue version. It grabs your attention and holds it. The earth tones quilts is just sort of blah, in my opinion. The blue version reminds me of a stained glass window, which seems very appropriate.
    I would have to play around in software to pick colors for a quilt. Thanks for the photos.

  55. I like the Black as the colors pop beautifully

  56. I love them both, but I really like the dark background with the brighter jewel like tones. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.

  57. I love them both although I agree the darker background really makes it pop, I going to purchase this for sure!

  58. I love the lighter background because I can see all the beautiful quilting! I’m not able to sew at the moment as I am recovering from brain surgery, but I love seeing your work!

  59. The lighter color base has a more comforting feel!

  60. I like the light one…after all it is the day….not the night.

  61. I like the lighter color quilt with the many colored letters. The brightness of this version shouts “rejoice” to me. I find the dark blue too somber, although it would look good in a church – looking like a stained glass window.

  62. I would use a light off white fabric that looks textured. For the letters I would use batiks.

  63. If the designs are digitized in a triple stitch you won’t be able to use them on a long arm

  64. Sarah, I love the darker color version. The contrast is so bright. Beautiful! Can’t wait to see it finished.

  65. Luanne Heiner Cottle

    I like them both! Beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  66. Myself, likes the tan back round. I find the darker colored back round is hard on my eyes, but the embroidery really pops on it. It is a beautiful quilt. Thinking hard about buying the designs.

  67. Ellen Rittenhouse

    I like the simplicity of the Navy with the color squares and the pop of the lettering!

  68. The blue background really “pops”, but I do like both.

  69. I love the darker background! It really makes everything “pop”. The lighter background is more subtle, still pretty, but not my favorite!

  70. I love this quilt with the dark background! It just fills me with joy and makes me praise the Lord!!!! What an inspiration. Thank you.

  71. That is really great

  72. The vibrant colors in the top photo are beautiful but I find the softer colors in the bottom photo warmer and more calming.

  73. Hi Sarah—usually I’m a “brights” gal; however, I really like the tan version—possibly because it is quilted & also because of the little boxes not being solid—the blue one will be beautiful quilted as well!😀

  74. I like the white color scheme the best. White all the way! This is an absolutely beautiful quilt and it looks like it would be fun to make.

  75. I like the blue one, but both are gorgeous!

  76. I like the lighter version.

  77. I like the navy background (I would have used a different color) but would have liked it more if the letters were not all one color. This version at least got me thinking of using the designs in a different way. Good Job!

  78. Both are beautiful but I really like the navy. The colors really pop off the navy.

  79. Wow! There IS a big difference in the Emotional message of each by the color change. I love both but given the quiet subtle feel of an almost prayer spoken beige to the glorious Shouting of the black, I think I like the Shouting better. Both have a place, it is just a personal preference. Great Job, Ladies!!!

  80. Personally I really like the quilt with the navy blue background. The wording really stands out. The navy quilt reminds me of stain glass windows. The beige quilt is beautiful but more subdued. When I make a quilt I usually pick fabrics based on who I am making it for.

  81. I like the navy blue background quilt as it makes the message and squares pop…also feel that it really fits the age group of the recipient. Like the solid squares over the open and am hoping that you have a special quilting design for the solid block border as I don’t think the quilting for the open block will suit the solid block. Like the embroidery colors chosen for the navy quilt over the cream quilt as it pops the borders of the letters which makes it easier to read the message…which is what the quilt is all about.

  82. I love them both, but i prefer the navy one as it really sets off the lettering. Wow!

  83. I like both. With the black, the colors really pop. Will be interesting to see the black one quilted. As it is right now, the quilting really shows up on the white. Will withhold my final vote until it is quilted.

  84. Celia J Thompson

    I like the lighter version better. I plan on making one after I finish with tax season. I haven’t decided what colors to use yet, but I think I do like the lighter background better. That surprises me as I usually love black backgrounds. Thanks for all you do for us non designers out there. I cannot dream up, but I certainly can copy with the best of them.

  85. I prefer the darker colorway – the words really pop and have more impact against the far background.

  86. Both of these quilts are so stunning. Please let us know Thomas’ reaction!
    I love both colour ways.

  87. I like the dark background and the plain squares rather than “frames”. If I were making it, I’d use all the colours of the rainbow. It’s a beautiful piece, so meaningful.

  88. I like the black best. It pops the bright colors.

  89. Love them both, but prefer the one in being background.

  90. Love the navy background. It’s really stunning and the colors just POP!

  91. The black is my favorite by a real long shot.

  92. Love them both, but would choose the lighter background version. Beautiful!!

  93. I like the tan one with tbe bright colors

  94. I LOVE the lighter Rejoice quilt. I have not started one as of yet but when I decide to get started I would go with even lighter shades of colors. I am drawn to pastels.

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