What kind of border would you add to this quilt?

Sharon sent me the two photos below of some quilts that she’s working on.

This one is a Jazzilicious pillow with a gorgeous border added to it. I love the hint of pink in the border – and in the thread on the appliqué shapes.

Sharon's Jazzilicious

This one uses flowers from the Peace Love and Joy Collection – and doesn’t have a border yet.

Sharon's Peace Love and JoySharon’s question is: what kind of border would you put on this quilt?
Please leave your ideas in the comments below!


  1. Second Thoughts: I would still use a narrow pink inner border, but to make it
    not so busy, make the outside border mainly the greenish color solid, with a
    pieced section next to the corner square. The pieced section on each side
    of the corner squares could repeat the three squares in the middle of each
    blocking the quilt. Example of a side border: Top right corner square pink, quarter square green
    and white, solid yellow square, quarter square green and white, then a solid green
    section until you get near the bottom and repeat the pieced section for lower
    right corner area. That would bring the piecing concept to the edge of the
    quilt and still tie in with the block patterns for repetition. Sharon,
    please send of picture when you do finish it. The quilt is your design eye is

  2. I would use the pink to make a narrow inner border and maybe the quarter square triangles with the solid yellow color square like in the blocks to make an
    outside border or the outside border could be half square triangles in the off
    white and greenish fabric with yellow corner squares. The quilt is simply fabulous. Love the design and appliqués, and colors. Thank you Sarah for
    posting the work of others. I love the inspiration.

  3. Sarah
    Your work is GORGEOUS😄

  4. I think quilts need a place for your eyes to rest. Therefore I would make a semi solid border to bring a finished look.

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