What’s in the Dream Machine 2 box?

I don’t know about you, but I love new toys to play with. I’m so excited about this new toy – the Brother XV8550D, aka the DreamMachine 2. I’m particularly excited about the built-in camera and how it can be used to align designs perfectly. Before I can play with that, I’ve got to unpack the box. I’d like to invite you to follow along…

The Big Box

I love that the box lid has a “map” of the contents on it. Looks like there’s a narrow box on one side, then some layers on the other side with the sewing machine at the bottom. There’s also a hoop tucked down the side.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Sure enough, there’s the handle to pull out the narrow box and a pretty big arrow showing me which side the hoop is hidden on.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Inside the narrow box, there’s a whole stack of hoops!

Brother Dream Machine 2

I grew up with BERNINA sewing and embroidery machines and so that’s what I’m familiar with. I can’t help the comparison with the BERNINA Jumbo Hoop (on the left) and the largest Brother hoop. The BERNINA Jumbo Hoop has a maximum embroidery area of 260mm x 400mm (a scant 10.25″ x 15 3/4″). The Brother hoop is physically bigger, but the embroidery area is not quite as big at 240mm x 360mm (9.5″ x 14″).

Brother Dream Machine 2

Having said that, the Brother hoop has straight sides whereas the BERNINA hoop has curved sides which can really restrict the size of design which will fit in it.

Brother Dream Machine 2

There are 4 hoops in the box – 240mm x 360mm; 200mm x 300mm (8″ x 12″); 5″ x 7″ and 4″ x 4″.

Underneath the hoops is the embroidery module and some accessories.

Brother Dream Machine 2

This is the embroidery foot – with a built in LED pointer. The pointer allows you to see exactly where the needle is going to drop. I can see this being very useful, especially if you have to move backward through a design to start stitching where a thread broke.

Brother Dream Machine 2

This is a bobbin case – not sure yet if it’s an extra or if this one is specifically for embroidery.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Here’s the actual embroidery module!

Brother Dream Machine 2

Here’s the hoop that was hidden down the side of the box…

Brother Dream Machine 2

It’s a 240mm x 240mm (9.5″ x 9.5″) hoop – making a total of 5 hoops in the box.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Now for the first layer of the big box.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Electrical cord and USB cable.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The accessories box…

Brother Dream Machine 2

… has a ton of stuff in it! Various feet fit into their own spots in the grey trays which lift out; a bunch of different tools; bobbins and bobbin clips (hmmm… no more tangled bobbin threads!); a selection of needles; another bobbin case; stitch plates; a screen cleaning cloth.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The scanning frame allows you to scan a photo or picture into the embroidery machine.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The dual feed foot.

Brother Dream Machine 2

A couching dual feed foot with yarn threader.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Spool stand for 2 spools of thread.

Brother Dream Machine 2

An adjustable knee lifter. I love the knee lifter on my BERNINA machines and so was very happy to find this in the box!

Brother Dream Machine 2

Sensor pen – and a pen holder that can be attached to the side of the sewing machine.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The next layer finally reveals the actual sewing machine, but first…

Brother Dream Machine 2

The flat bed attachment…

Brother Dream Machine 2

… opens up to reveal accessory storage space.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The multi-functional foot controller.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The thing that holds the two parts of the multi-functional foot controller together.

Brother Dream Machine 2

Finally – the actual sewing machine! This thing has the largest screen I’ve seen on an embroidery machine.

Brother Dream Machine 2

The top lifts up to reveal the thread path and a bobbin winder/

Brother Dream Machine 2

The top can be removed so that the thread stand can be installed.

Brother Dream Machine 2

It’s all out of the box – next up is to get busy stitching!

What’s your primary embroidery machine and what’s your favorite feature? Leave me a comment to let me know!


  1. I have a DM2 and TOTALLY LOVE IT 🥰
    I recently traded in my BERNINA 880 which I disliked immensely 😱 I tried very hard to love it – been doing classes ALL year to make sure it wasn’t me – but NO – it wasn’t 😩 So I bit the bullet and traded it in on the Luminaire 😲 WOW 😲 TRULY AMAZING 💖💗💕 Still Adore my DM2 – but now everything is interchangeable
    ( YAY🎉 ) Can take things out of DM2 -?put it in Lumi – use the projector 📽 and finish off or add to Designs PERGECTLY ❤️❤️👍 Off to an ALL DAY HANDS ON CLASS today 👍🤣Very Excited 😂🤣
    I am in SEWING 🧵 HEAVEN ✂️✂️🧵🧵

  2. Why Brother after Bernina for so long? Make me wonder!

    • I love my BERNINAs (got 8 of them!) and always will. The Brother Dream Machine 2 has some great features and is a great machine – and I love to play with new technology toys!

  3. Brother XV (Dream Machine) is just fab in every way. I have had several brands of machine over the years and Brother comes out on top for me. Husqvarna Diamond is good and Epic is a strong competitor to the XV.

  4. I have the Dream with upgrade and I feel truly blessed. I’ve had it for over a year and a half, And I haven’t used a lot of the features yet. I love the large hoop and The 9 1/2” X 9 1/2” square hoop.

  5. I am extremely jealous. No other word for it. Pity I cannot chat with the same people.
    Enjoy and design a quilt suitable for a 5×7 in hoop.
    Love your work.

  6. Makes me wonder where you’re going to put it in that beautiful sewing studio!! That’s always an issue for me — limited space! I have the Viking Diamond Deluxe (my 2nd Viking) & love it! I have an older Pfaff 7570 (w/ IDT) that is my primary SEWING & quilt-piecing machine – it’s nearly 20 years old & a true workhorse! Who wouldn’t love a new machine – they keep coming up w/ new features! Enjoy playing w/ it & we’ll follow along w/ your adventure & pay close attention to the comparisons. Shhh — Santa’s bringing me a CutterPillar Glow Premium (a cordless Light box)! I can hardly wait!!

  7. I have Janome 12000 and Janome 15000, I love them both

  8. I have a Bernina 830 that I love, and I couldn’t part with my 200/730….still stitch on my 1230! I did own a Brother pe8500 which was wonderful at the time. That Dream Machine looks fantastic, but if I ever buy another machine, it will probably be a 10-needle machine. (I’m dreaming!)

  9. I have a Baby Lock Ellisimo Gold 2 and a Bernina 830. I have to say I use my 830 much more than the Baby Lock except when I need the 8×8 or 6×10 hoop. I do wish Bernina would make more hoop options. I have the jumbo hoop but rarely use it because it is so large – but handy if I do need to stitch something that large! I used it once for a quilt but now I have a longarm, so only use it for stitching large designs!

  10. I have this machine and I love it. I have a had other embroidery machines and this one is far the best and easiest to operate. Enjoy your new machine. I have Lois Marie Snyder

    • I have the Babylock Destiny 2 and the Bernina 880. The Destiny is light years ahead on the features. I have had mine for 2 years and the camera is so amazing!

  11. I received an early Christmas present, looks much like yours! Have been out of town, only played with it a little but next week I am closing my sewing room door & putting up a sign that says “Out to lunch, not sure when I will return! In love with my DM2 already💕

  12. Have fun with your new Dream 2! Love my Bernina 830 and use it for everything. Just starting to think about a dedicated embroidery machine, so can quilt, sew, with Bernina etc. while embroidering with separate machine.

  13. I have the Janome 500E, I like an embroidery only machine which is more in my price range that way. This sews out really well and am very satisfied with the results.

  14. I am also happy to say that I own the Dream Machine 2. I just love it a friend showed me how to digitize a jpeg on the screen.
    Ian also a big fan of Mickey.

  15. I wish I could afford a newer machine but 84 in Assisted living with my Biking Diamond and keeps on stitching away at a minimum of eight hours a day as 40 some residents and freely see and embroidery for all of them! Trying to get 13 embroidered aprons; 2 baby blankets and 17 table runners finished by Christmas and will willing continue as long as I can afford to do so for my new family here as long as the eyes hold out and overworked Diamond keeps on stitching?? Blessings and ongoing thank you not only for what you do but most of all for who you are

    • You go girl! I wanna be you when I’m 84 – in assisted living and still sewing and going strong! Alas, my mama has been in assisted living for a few months since she broke her hip…physically she is doing fine, but complex things are tougher for her. The worst part if she just isn’t acclimating. So tough…I live 420 miles away, but when I’m there, I’m there, helping her crochet and trying to have her do something for fun.

  16. Have lots of fun and will wait for all your shared information. I really am very jealous.

  17. Wow. Lucky you to receive a brand new sewing machine to sew with. I have a Janome 500E which I find suits my needs but if someone was to send me a brand new machine I too would not refuse but happily sit down and try it out. I will follow your experience as you go with great anticipation. Have fun!!

  18. I have Bernina 730 & 830. Love the speed of the 830, but if there is mettalic thread the 730 is the champ.

  19. I LOVE my Dream Machine. Have sewn with Viking, Elna,Bernina, and Janome. Would take my DM over them all!. I love the camera, the laser pointer, the dual feed walking foot, plus the stitch quality is wonderful. That big screen is great for my aging eyes too!. Having that extra room in the throat area is amazing!!. Just got a nice sewing table so the machine sits level with the table when I am free motion stitching and I think I have the best set up possible for me. Just pop up the table insert, add the embroidery arm and I’m ready to embroider within minutes!. Life is grand!!

  20. I have a Baby Lock 10 needle – Valiant which I LOVE, and a Destiny. Great machines.

  21. Welcome to my world, Sarah! I actually have 2 Dream Machines, so I obviously love them. I love everything about it, but especially the camera. You will not believe how it simplifies multi-hooping designs. I hope you enjoy your new toy.

  22. Hi, i have the husqvarana viking royal diamond. I love it.

  23. I have Dream machine 2 upgraded and a lso a Bernina 640e.

  24. I have the Husqvarna Viking Designer Epic, and it is the best for me. Too many features to mention, Great placement for lining up designs, or going back to fill a broken thread, wi-fi to get designs to the machine, and FANTASTIC stitch quality for sewing and embroidery! largest hoop is 350 x 360 mm. Great penetration power when sewing many layers- like on a purse, and I could rave forever, but… Hope you have a grand time with your Dream Machine.

  25. Donna Reed Montibello

    Oh how fun. My friends and I looked at this at the store! Can’t wait to hear how you like it.
    I have the Bernina 880. Love my Bernina . Just wish they would make more useful hoop sizes.

  26. I have Pfaff Creative Sensation that has the IDT which acts like a walking foot, feeds all fabrics evenly, but would give any thing to be able to get a new machine, unfortunately it’s not in the cards so I’ll keep using what I have.

  27. I have the Dream 2 and love it. Have you seen the Play Book? Teaches you all the functions with projects…wonderful!!!

  28. Very nice machine. My machine is a Husqvarna Viking diamond love this machine, big hoops, sews like a dream , with big screen.
    It’s few years older but still sews very well no complaints
    Thanks for sharing

  29. What is the cost of this machine? Trying to compare it to what I purchased.

  30. I have a Babylock 10 needle with the camera I really like not having to change the thread for every color change. I also have the Pfaff Creative Vision and the Creative Icon I use these for sewing and sometimes for embroidery. I love the needle power of the Icon, I do a lot of wedding dresses. Enjoy your new toy. I am hoping to have time to play with mine instead of just work.

  31. I am a BERNINA girl-B630E, 2 B830E. I have looked at the Babylock Destiny 2 but if it has a bigger bobbin I would look harder.

  32. Yes, you will love this machine. Still getting acquainted with all the features. Every time time I use it l smile when the music comes on. Enjoy.

  33. Looks like a nice machine.
    I love my Bernina 730 and Babylock Enterprise for embroidery.
    Next purchase will be a longarm, after working out space issues.
    Love technology!!!

  34. I just had a training/workshop on the Dream Machine 2…its technology is soooo amazing!!! I wish I had one sitting on my door step. It makes my Sterling 880 look out dated…boohooo!

  35. I’m a Bernini girl now I ha d a 440 830 and E16. I did have a Janine 10000 long time ago
    I love each of them and the ease of use

  36. Can’t wait to hear how you like this compared to the Bernina’s embroidery machines. I have the Bernina 830, 880 and 580 emb. machines. I love using the jumbo hoop which saves me from multi hooping many times. Though the new 880 makes multi hooping no big deal. Hope you enjoy your new toy. 😉

  37. I have the Pfaff Creative Sensation and the Pfaff Creative ICON. I love them both

  38. Brother Dream Machine upgraded to a 2. My favorite feature is the ease of advancing or backup stitches (by count or color).

  39. I love my Dream Machine. Got mine last Christmas.

  40. I am so excited for you. I’ve had my DM2 for six months now and absolutely love everything about it. It is truly a dream to sew and embroider with this machine.

  41. I’m a bit behind…I have the Innovis 4500D

  42. I have had the Dream Machine for almost a year now and I can’t tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE it ❤️❤️❤️ It is the most User Friendly Machine I have EVER. used ❤️ I also have the Bernina 880 and have found this to be the Most Temperamental Beast – am SO disappointed with it ! It is part of the reason I began following you as you produce such exquisite work on the same machine – that it inspired me to keep trying 😫 But it is ALWAYS the Dream Machine that I switch on first ❤️❤️❤️ Happy Sewing- I know you’ll love it 😀😃 Will be interesting to see your follow up comments ❤️

  43. Please don’t abandon us Bernina folks! We love you! I’m sure Brother is fine, but nothing sews like a Bernina and we love your cutwork files being included in your design downloads.

  44. I will be following your posts about your new machine. Interesting! Love the scanning part of this machine!

  45. Husqvarna Viking Epic. I think Viking got it right. After lots of frustration with the diamon royal, the Epic is a breath of fresh air. Favorite feature: “all” of them! Favorite capability: the ability to re-hoop and fix/re-start a design that had a project-ending problem.

  46. I have had my Dream Machine since it first came out. I love everything about it! I especially love the My Design Center. You can scan your designs into the sewing machine.then finish your Block with stitched quilting backgrounds that stitch’s behind your designs.

  47. Have had my dream 2 for over a year, (after Dream 1) and I love it! It does a beautiful job n everything I have tried with it.

  48. I have had the Brother Dream Machine for a year now and had it upgraded to have all the things the Dream Machine 2 has and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the machine

    • I have a Bernina 200 and a Brother Quatro. I only use the Brother for embroiler and sewing. I love this machine. What impressed me the most wad when I unpacked the machine, I only had to purchase one foot and one hoop. There is so much that is included in the Brother machines.

  49. I have 2 embroidery machines, the Artista 180 and Artista 200/730. I use the Artista 200/730 mostly for embroidery. But this Brother machine sure looks nice. Would love to know about how much it costs.

  50. I just received the Baby Lock Destiny II machine a month ago which is very similar to you Dream machine. I love it. Haven’t had time to figure out what all it can do yet.

  51. Wow. What a machine you have there
    My one and only is. Brother 770E. Vest features on the machine is the auto threaded for those days I can’t see the thread hole. Lol.

  52. I have been dreaming about a machine like this one. You are truely blessed.

  53. You are going to love this machine. It has so many features. There’s a camera for alignment in both sewing and embroidery, a multitude of designs to be stitched on the machine and then there’s the My Design Center. You will have o much fun with this. Enjoy!

  54. Awesome machine, I used to be a Janome girl, but love, love my Brothers. I have the VE2200 and it is fantastic, I love the laser pointer.

  55. You are going to love this machine! I bought mine a few years ago when they first came out. Just wait until you start using the My Design Center! It’s awesome. The scanner bed is wonderful too. Scan a picture or drawing or whatever and you’ll see it on your screen. The camera function also lets you line things up quick and easy in both sewing and embroidery modes. Have fun playing with your new Dream.

  56. Snap! my UK version arrived last Wednesday so I share your joy at unpacking! I have owned previous Innovis models so ‘understand’ most of the feet, bobbin cases etc. Here in the UK we don’t get the Disney designs – a great pity as we love Disney!
    Have fun Sarah – I am 🙂

  57. I have a Brother Dream Machine 2 also! Still so much to learn about it.

  58. Congratulations, I have a Brother Dream Machine, with upgrades. U will love it!!

  59. I have the Brother Quattro 3. I think it is two generations older than the Dream Machine 2, but has many of the same features. The DM has a larger embroidery field a more hoops, as well as the dual feed foot that mine doesn’t have. I also have a Bernina 750 that I use to quilt with and a Pfaff that was a TOL about 10 years ago. It has a 360×360 hoop that uses split embroideries. The Bernina and Pfaff have a lot of similarities.

    I like them all. If I had to pick a favorite, I’m not sure I could.

    Enjoy your new toy!

    Enjoy you new toy.

  60. Hi Sarah,
    Three years ago I bought the Baby lock Enterprise a 10 needle machine, and I just love everything about it! It has a placement camera, multiple hoops and of course the 10 needles for 10 threads!

  61. Hi Sarah. I enjoyed watch all the pieces come together.
    I have Viking Royale. Though, I love this machine, I want to purchase a smaller one. I truly appreciate you showing this one. Thank you for all you blessings and wealth of information

    Merry Christmas !!

  62. I have a Husqvarna Viking Diamond Deluxe embroidery machine that I love. I use the Priemer+ software with it to create and change any of my designs. I love the endless multitude of possibilities with these two pieces combined together. You mentioned the screen size on the Brother. The Huqvarnia Epic has a screen the size if a small tablet. I personally want/need the large screen as I get older. Ha.

  63. Looks like Merry Christmas to you from Brother. My machine is a brother Quattro 2. Wish I could afford the machine you just got in the pictures. I am unable to use the large hoops in the machine I have now for your larger embroidery designs. I could sure do a lot more if I had the larger hoops. BEAUTIFUL!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family

  64. I love my Viking Diamond Royale because it has one of the largest, if not the largest hoops available. I don’t use it often, but just know that I can use it makes me feel great about the projects I choose. I also like that with my warranty I get great service on my machine and it only takes a couple of days to get it back so I have very little down time. It has only been down once in the three years I have owned it.

  65. Bernina 880, love to go between embroidery and sewing! Love it, also have an Innovis 1500

  66. That’s so beautiful machine. Hard to get one since I’m retired & in a fixed income. Nothing wrong with dreaming. Hope you have so much fun with it, for sure you are 10 times more advanced than the machine. Brother should hire you.
    Keep us posted of all your new projects. Have lots of fun.

  67. Hi Sarah,
    I have a brother Quattro 2 and love it use the camera feature all the time. I have recently been to a brother demo day and would love to upgrade to this wonderful dream machine 2 , it is amazing but unfortunately can’t afflord it as I am a pensioner, need to win lotto.
    You are going to love your new machine, and brother is so user friendly, enjoy.
    Kind regards Margaret x

  68. I love my Dream Machine 2. It does amazing things and I have so much left to learn on it. You are so lucky to get to experience it too

  69. Thanks for sharing, Sarah. I’m always anxious to pull everything out of the box at once…sometimes presenting a problem later. You made me have patience!

  70. I loved my Bernina 180 but I needed something larger. I now embroidered with a Viking royale.

  71. You will love the Dream Machine. Everyone that has one that I know, loves it. I almost bought one myself but purchased a 10-needle instead since I already had a single head embroidery machine. Have fun! Can’t wait to see your creations!

  72. Sarah, love your designs and admire the lengths your instructions go to – to assist everyone to get a good result lining up but their exhausting! I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve thought – why doesn’t she just get a Brother! Everything about embroidery is simpler with a Brother. Hope you see the same thing and enjoy it.

  73. I think I misspelled Memorycraft!

  74. This looks like a real dream machine!!
    My machine is a Husqvarna Rose. It is “old” by today’s standards, and only does fairly small embroideries, but the machine is very dependable, not given to tantrums or anything! Of course, I would love one that could do bigger embroideries, but I’m thankful for my good old Rose.
    Thank you for all your wonderful emails – I really enjoy them.

  75. I have the Brother Dream Machine.
    Unfortunately, I had to pay for mine.

  76. My primary (and favorite) is my Janome Horizon Mamorycraft 15000. Smooth, quiet, an a real work horse!

  77. I am so pleased to know you are going to work on this machine. I got one last December and then the instructor left the store where I got it so I have been learning the embroidery functions on my own, and thus reluctant to buy more of your beautiful designs. I look forward to seeing more posts from you about the DreamMachine and in particular how to use the camera function and design center. I also got ScanN Cut at the same time for a Christmas gift and the store has not been able to offer lessons for it either.

  78. I am impressed with all the stuff you get right off the bat and don’t have to purchase to even do some basic stuff.

  79. I use my Babylock Destiny exclusively for embroidery (upgraded to the Destiny II with all the additional upgrades). I’ve been using it for almost everything since I got it. My poor Bernina 730e has been relegated to backup duty. I love the camera feature and the ease with which you can line up stitches even in regular sewing. I am a huge fan of the Babylock and Brother line of machines now that I have had mine for a few years.

  80. Still love my Bernina 830, so I’m not tempted to switch sewing/embroidery machine brands. If anything, I’d get a lighter Bernina to transport more easily to classes.

  81. I have a babyloc ellageo I Love the walking foot. I has dual feed to. I also have a brother Innov-is NQ3500D. I love the Disney designs and the machine is a nice weight to carry to classes.

  82. Wow, you are one lucky person. It will be interesting to see how different this machine is to your original.
    I have had a Baby Lock, which I really enjoyed,however, when I started embroidery classes the shop sold Pfaff, so I switched. My most favourite feature is the DST.One does not require another special foot,

  83. Right now I have a Janine 200E Memory Craft. I want a bigger one already. I have used this for a month. My hoop is limited to 5×5. I love embroidery machines.

  84. I have a Brother 10 needle. Not for business, just for fun! I absolutely love the camera! It makes positioning so much easier.
    I am fairly new to your designs and am excited to play with them. I also have a scan and cut, but wish I could afford the accuquilt!

  85. You are going to love that machine. I planned to get that one and bought a 10 needle instead since I already had another embroidery machine. Everyone that has that one, lives it.

  86. Although I have never embroidered on a Bernina, I do love my Babylock Destiny, which is just about the same as your dream machine. There probably will not be that much a en embroidery learning curve, except for the Design Center/ scanner. Enjoy!

  87. Mine is aBabylock Ellisimo o bsiclly very isimilar to this. But without the newest features like scanner and Hughes screen. My favorite thing is the self threader..the reason I bought this. Also have a small brother emb mah for travel or jus smaller pieces so I can run through a project faster!

  88. Mary Naysa Withem

    Brother Dream Machine VM5100
    Love my machine!!!

  89. susan dipert-scott

    You are going to loooovvvveeee it. I took the plunge 17 mo ago and purchased one. I sew each and every day unless I’m away from home.

  90. I just purchased the Pfaff Icon which also has a large screen ( tablet size). I love the new screen and the speed of the machine is so much faster than my previous Pfaff. Also like that you can use large cones of thread on the machine without a separate thread stand. The nicest feature for me was the ability to directly download my designs from my computer to the machine without having to use a jump drive.

  91. I use the Dream 2, and my favorite feature is the Best 4 software to create my own designs and send them straight to the machine from my computer….no wires, no USB stick or anything.

  92. Nice Machinen. Would love a second machine like that one. Enjoy the brother machine. So exciting to get s new machine.

  93. Patricia L Walters

    i wrote this twice and more already without it posting for me – AM getting hungry – this is the gist of it how well does it work for you?

  94. You are going to love it! I have basically the same machine but mine is the Destiny which is the Babylock version. I LOVE the camera function and I think you will love it too. Have fun!

  95. Patricia L Walters

    I was writing a comment and my new computer took me elsewhere – so I may not get it written the spot thingy to let you know where the needle is going in sounds like a great feature. Let us know how this machine actually works for you. thanks for showing us what was in the box!

  96. I love my Bernina 830

  97. What fun for you Sarah! I’m a Pfaff owner (was a Pfaff Dealer in Massachusetts for 22 years before retiring in 2007). I own the Creative Vision 5.5, the Creative 2170, and the 7570 plus two Pfaff Sergers. I love all of the machines and my favorite feature is the built-in dual feed (walking foot) which is an integral part of the machine (which works simultaneously with the feed dogs whether you are going forward or sewing in reverse) that you can disengage when not needed….not an add-on like all other machines.
    Enjoy playing with your new toy!!!

  98. Baby lock Ellisimo, which is basically a Brother. Older,but has many of the features you describe. I had an older Elna, then the Baby Lock Elegante, which I have passed on to my granddaughter. I am waiting for a Pfaff Creative Sensation Pro to arrive! Wish it could be a Pfaff Icon, but alas $$$$$$ stand in the way.

  99. Oh be still my heart! Lucky girl!

  100. Wardena Silberman


    Don’t you just love a new toy? I have only use the Viking Epic and the Viking Diamond. Since I just started sewing 2 years ago, I am interested in seeing what you do with your new toy.

    Will you be using a new software?

    Thank you for sharing.

  101. BEAUTIFUL! Only a few more computer / tools more than my INNOVIS 6000D – but I still want one, maybe next year! Thanks for showing me the total package.

  102. I have both a Bernina 790 and a Baby Lock Destiny upgraded to Destiny 2. Love both machines. Have always been a Bernina girl, but do like the Baby Lock for embroidery and Bernina for quilting.

  103. I have a husqvarna Designer 1 that uses floppy discs. It wasn’t until a month
    ago that I found a software that will convert designs to SHV on a floppy disc.
    It took 3 months of working with Embrillance before I was able to make it all work together. A Mac computer, a floppy disc drive, and a box of floppy discs.
    I will have my machine until the computer in it fails. They don’t support Designer 1 any more. I am really excited about being able to do current day embroideries. I have your free embroidery flower and it stitched out beautifully. No budget for buying much right now, but I do plan do buy some
    of yours when I do buy some. I have belonged to The Quilt Show for years and
    years. I loved your Block of the Month quilt you did for them. I copied the patterns and directions at the time and plan to get you embroidery designs for it in the future.Love all your you tubes and blog. We live in Harrison Idaho and most of what I learn is from the computer. Enjoyed your unboxing of the Brother machine.

  104. I have the Babylock Destiny which I love. My machines of choice are the Baby Locks.

    Have fun with your new machine!

  105. I have a Singer S 10. It only has a 4X4 hoop but it was a gift last Xmas. It works well for the money, but I dream of a Brother Dream Machine with all the bells and whistles.

  106. My primary embroidery machine is my Babylock Destiny which is Babylock’s version of Brother’s Dream Machine. My favorite feature is IQ Designer. I’m still learning all of the wonderful things you can do with my machine, but have learned an immense amount through a Facebook group for Destiny & Dream Machine owners that Nicci Brazzell is the leader of.

  107. I have the Baby Lock Destiny upgraded to 2 . Favorite feature is camera and scanner.

  108. Dream Machine 2 – Love all the features — still learning new ones

  109. I too have Bernina machines. I couldn’t resist getting a Brother machine as I love Mickey Mouse. I have to stop and think sometimes when I am sewing as the two machines are different. I love some of the functions the Dream machine put on their machines that Bernina did not.

  110. I have a Bernina b830 which is now 10 years old and still a work horse. I have a lot of accessories so the idea of changing brands is daunting. I do however have a brother overlocker which I love. This new brother looks absolutely amazing. I hope you have many hours of pleasure.

  111. Gerrie Fitzpatrick

    My primary machine is a Babylock Destiny II and I love it. It is very similar to the Dream Machine and I would of gotten that one except there is no dealer in my area. So Babylock it is. My favorite part of everything is the thread stand. No more having to use the caps and the thread is always feeding evenly and effectively. You’re going to love it. The Custom designing area is fantastic also. Easy to learn and fantastic results. Enjoy

  112. Oh Wow, you are so very lucky. I believe it is a Dream Machine. Have fun with your new toy. Maybe an early Xmas gift. lol

  113. Sarah, you are going to love your new Brother Dream Machine 2. Once you get everything set up, you might want to check out a few of the videos I have posted on YouTube. Just search Julie Murphy-Dream Machine. It truly is a dream machine.

  114. You will love your new Dream Machine II. I have the Dream I and upgraded to the II with an additional add on pack that I got two years after purchasing the Dream I, There is another upgrade pack for both available that adds even more features.
    The camera and scan features are awesome.
    I’m interested in seeing how you compare this to the Bernina.

  115. That’s an awesome surprise. I like all your extras too.

  116. Husqvarna Epic
    The big screen, wide bed and WiFi connection to tell me on my iPhone when thread needs changed or if I have a problem

  117. I am a Brother lover and owner of several machines, and have been for years. My day dream is to own a dream machine someday.
    However at 76 yrs old and counting, it has not been feasible to spend the monies. But the Brother is a sweet toy to play with, have fun, you will fall in love

  118. Must be nice! lol No seriously , that is wonderful they were so generous and sent you a free machine! I really like that about Brother, their customer service is great as well.

  119. I have a Spirit. I love the entire machine.

  120. You’re going to live your Brother! And the bobbin case with the purple dot is for Embroidery

  121. Beautiful Machine—wish I had one.

  122. Hi, I have got MC 12000 from Janome, I love it !! Enjoye yourself with your new machine.

  123. I too have the Dream Machine 2. You will love it!!!! All the features are my favorite.

  124. Sarah,

    Oh my goodness how exciting!!! While I currently own Destiney by Babylock, I would so love to have this machine as well. Eeek!! I love the easy of setting up and just being able to get stitching.

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